Worldwide Connections - Real Time Analysis of Work Flow Environments

Event Codes Help

Data Format

The end user can display or download the data from the server in one of several formats. This example enables viewing the data as a web page. It also includes several of the search options.

You can select which fields to place into the output file. Output fields include.

  • DateTime (datetime displayed as an ISO-8601 format).
  • Timestamp (datetime displayed as an integer).
  • Date (calculated from datetime displayed in 2013-Jan-01 format).
  • Time (calculated from datetime displayed in HH:MM:SS format).
  • machineID (The device ID, displayed as an ASCII string).
  • Event (Event displayed as an integer 0-255).
  • EventName (Event description displayed as an ASCII text string).
  • Code (Event Code from code field displayed as an integer 0-255).
  • Value. (Event value displayed as an integer).